Stone & Company Inc. | Serving SW Pennsylvania for Over 80 Years

Stone & Company has been serving the area since the 1930's in Greensburg, PA

The History of Stone & Company Inc.

Our company has a long history in southwestern Pennsylvania. Stone & Company Inc. was originally founded as the Stone & Work partnership, which dealt largely in lumber and coal. Then, in the 1930s, C. M. Stone bought the share of his partner and the business became a sole proprietorship. During the 1940s, C. M. Stone’s son, Wendell, joined the company.

After serving our country in World War II, Wendell Stone returned to Pennsylvania and built our company’s original concrete plant in Connellsville, PA. That plant is still operational to this day. During the early 1970s, Wendell’s two sons, Greg and Mark, began working for the company while attending high school. Then in 1974, Stone & Company became incorporated. Wendell then managed the Lumber Brokerage Division and the Stone & Company Hardware Store, while Greg and Mark managed the Stone & Company Concrete operations.

Stone & Company in Greensburg, PA now includes multiple hardware stores, building supply stores, and a lumber yard
Stone & Company in Greensburg, PA includes twelve Redi-Mix concrete plants, one block manufacturing facility, and two pre-cast concrete facilities

Concrete, Builders’ Supply, Lumber, & Hardware in Greensburg, PA

In 1989, Greg and Mark embarked on an ambitious major expansion of Stone & Company, which has grown to now include:
  • Twelve Redi-Mix Concrete Plants
  • Two Portable Concrete Plants
  • Nine Stores Offering A Complete Line of Builders’ Supply Items
  • Two Hardware Store/Lumber Yards
  • One Block Manufacturing Facility (Producing Rockwood Retaining Walls)
  • Two Pre-Cast Concrete Facilities (Producing Redi-Rock Retaining Wall Systems)

Stone & Company Inc., maintains a sizeable fleet of concrete and building supply transport and work vehicles. We are proud to be able to provide concrete service for any job, no matter how big or small!

Our fleet includes:
  • Fifteen Tri-Axles
  • Fifty-Five Front Discharge Concrete Mixers
  • Two Concrete Pump Trucks
  • Five Block Trucks
  • Numerous Dump Trucks

Contact Stone & Company Inc. for all of your concrete and building supply needs in southwestern Pennsylvania and North Central, WV: 1-800-266-2738.