Precast Products

Retaining Walls, Sanitary & Storm Drainage, Steps, & Parking Curbs

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Precast concrete offers an economical solution for standard applications that do not require custom concrete mixing and pouring. Our precast are made with the same high quality Redi-Mix concrete to offer you an excellent value at a lower price point.
We provide full lines of the following precast products delivered directly to your residential, commercial, or municipal jobsite:
  • Precast Modular Block for Retaining Walls & Barriers in a Variety of Styles
  • Sanitary & Storm Drainage Products (Manholes, Inlets, Drains, etc.)
  • Steps & Parking Curbs
We deliver and offload most of our precast products with our dedicated block trucks. We are committed to providing the right product –on time, every time. Stone & Company Inc. is fully committed to providing quality products and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Retaining Walls & Barriers

Stone & Company Inc. offers a stunningly beautiful selection of natural-looking, durable retaining wall and barrier blocks.


Premium grade Redi-Rock is the ideal block material for straight or curved wall construction of retaining walls and barriers. Each block interlocks to form a strong, dependable wall or barrier structure.
Redi-Rock blocks have a 1 5/8” setback. Each block weighs in excess of one ton (2,400 lbs.) and has a face of 5.75 square feet. Redi-Rock blocks are designed to allow retaining walls to be built to much higher heights than standard blocks allow (without the use of tie-backs or geogrid support).
Stone & Company Inc. stocks and delivers Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks in Greensburg, PA
Basic design and engineering charts and additional information about Redi-Rock can be found at
Redi-Rock is available in a wide range of natural-looking designs including:
Redi-Rock is available in a natural-looking cobblestone from Stone & Company Inc. in Greensburg, PA
Redi-Rock is available in a natural-looking limestone design from Stone & Company Greensburg, PA
Redi-Rock is available in colored ledgestone design from Stone & Company Inc. in Greensburg, PA
Colored Ledgestone
Redi-Rock is available in colored ledgestone design from Stone & Company Inc. in Greensburg, PA

Planter, Bottom, Freestanding, Column, & Fence Blocks or Caps

Additionally, we produce the following retaining wall and barrier products
  • 60″ Bottom Blocks
  • Caps
  • Columm Blocks
  • Fence Blocks
  • Freestanding Blocks
  • Planter Blocks

2′ x 2′ x 6′ Blocks and Cap Blocks

We produce 2′ x 6′ blocks that are useful for the following applications:
  • Dividers
  • Retaining Walls
  • Storage Sheds
Stone & Company Inc. produces 2x2x6 blocks that can be used for dividers, retaining walls, and storage sheds in Greensburg, PA Stone & Company Inc. produces cap blocks to place on top of 2x2x6 blocks in Greensburg, PA
Each block weighs 3,400 lbs. and has a face of 12 square feet. 2’ x 6’ blocks are available with a smooth, plain face or with the decorative Sedona Rock Face. Caps blocks are available in both styles, as well, to provide the finishing touch for your project.

Hozzi Blocks

Stone & Company Inc. offers hozzi blocks in both the plain smooth face and the decorative Sedona Rock Face, as well. Hozzi blocks are useful for building:
  • Sheds
  • Retaining Walls
  • Dividers
Stone & Company Inc. produces hozzi blocks with pland and decorative finishes in Greensburg, PA
Each block weighs a hefty 5,300 lbs. and has a face of 14.25 square feet.

Jersey Barriers (Precast Safety Barriers)

We offer Jersey barriers in the standard precast safety barrier style. Jersey barriers are useful for maintaining safety in the following applications:
  • Crowd Control
  • Protection from Projectiles
  • Traffic Barriers
Stone & Company Inc. produces Jersey barriers in Greensburg, PA
Each Jersey barrier weighs 5,000 lbs.

Freestanding Blocks, Column Blocks & Concrete Fencing

For building freestanding walls and barriers, Stone & Company Inc. offers freestanding blocks. Freestanding blocks are imprinted with the design or texture on all sides for visual appeal. Freestanding block walls can stand alone or be used in conjunction with your retaining wall installation to provide continuity of design.
Stone & Company Inc. produces freestanding block walls in Greensburg, PA
Column blocks are designed to stand alone and are also imprinted with the design/texture on all sides. Column blocks make excellent:
  • Columns
  • Fence Posts
  • Pillars
Stone & Company Inc. produces column blocks with smooth and decorative texture finishes in Greensburg, PA
Our concrete fencing provides you with the perfect alternative to wooden, plastic, and metal fencing. Our concrete fencing is growing in popularity. Most people who discover concrete fencing want to have it on their property. Our concrete fencing has the look of natural textured timber. However, it is completely maintenance-free, extremely durable, and exceptionally strong. You just can’t do better than concrete fencing.
Stone & Company Inc. produces concrete fences in Greensburg, PA

World Blocks

World blocks are handsome precast modular blocks whose size and shape can be utilized in almost any type of construction.
Stone & Company Inc. versatile World blocks in Greensburg, PA Stone & Company Inc. produces World blocks with a limestone finish in Greensburg, PA
World blocks have the attractive appearance of limestone with eight square feet of face and a weight of 2,200 lbs. each.

Mid-Size Landscaping Blocks

We offer mid-size landscaping blocks that are adequately sized to function as retaining walls, but are small enough to be handled with light-duty equipment. Many of our customers choose to install mid-size landscaping blocks with a skid-steer.
Mid-size landscaping blocks are perfectly suited to installation in residential applications up to six feet without geogrid installation.
The tapered sides of these special blocks allow wall construction with a minimum depth of six feet from the front to the back of the block. They have a 1” step back per course, which enables the blocks to lean into the material that they are holding back.
Stone & Company Inc. produces mid-sized blocks that are perfectly suited to residential applications in Greensburg, PA
Each block has two square foot of face and weighs 560 lbs
Precast corner and half-sized mid-size landscaping blocks are available, as well.